My name is Maja, I was born in 1991 in Celje in Slovenia.

When I was a baby we had a "Illyrian sheepdog", he was nice and calm and his name was Ner.
As years passed so did my dogs, after Ner we had an English Cocker Spaniel named Žak.


In search of our third dog, on a dog show we came across the Lhassa apso breed, as we were speaking with the breeder,
ther was one small dog that was jumping around me, she was really cute with that long coat and those 2 little eyes.I fell inlove instantly.

After a few days, wa had a new family member called Eva. As a puppy Eva was playfull, beutifull and she had a talent as a fotomodel,
as soon as she saw the camera she got into position. With Eva I had my first experiance as a junior handler,
we did agility also but we had a fiw difficulties. With time we got better, we got some nice results in the world of dog shows.